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H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, Visits Zadar County

On October 24th and 25th , H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, visited Zadar County. During his visit, Ambassador H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming met with Mr Božidar Longin, the Prefect of Zadar County, Mr Branko Dukić, the Mayor of Zadar, Mr Emil Ćurko the Mayor of the City of Nin, and Ms Dijana Vican, Rector of Zadar University. Ambassador H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming gave a speech ''Building New Bridges for China-Croatia Cooperation'' at Zadar University, visited Nin and expressed his sympathies to the people who were suffered from the flood in September.


When meeting with the local leaders, Ambassador Hu Zhaoming said that the goal of his visit was to get in-depth understanding of the situation of the County and its cities, especially study the potential fields of cooperation and promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation. This year is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia. In the past 25 years, China and Croatia enjoyed sound political relations and ever-strengthening economic and trade cooperation. Especially since the second half of this year, there are lots of good news coming out about our bilateral cooperation. On the other side, China-Croatia relation had not achieved the height it ought to reach and the level of trade between two countries is still comparatively low. Two sides have to, through all the channels, build new bridges for the overall development of China-Croatia relations, realize the ''overtaking at the curve'' for the bilateral relations and cooperation. Chinese side hopes to work together with Zadar to discuss on how to strengthen cooperation in the fields of tourism, ports, airports and other infrastructure, trade, culture and education and to promote overall development of China-Croatia relations through local channels. Ambassador Hu Zhaoming also introduced the spirit of the just concluded 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and encouraged Zadar to understand more about China and to strengthen the cooperation with China, in order to enjoy the opportunities that Chinese development brought.

Croatian side thanked Ambassador Hu Zhaoming for his visit and the suggestions about bilateral cooperation. Zadar County has unique advantages on geographical position, traffic network, infrastructure, natural environment etc and has good conditions for the cooperation with China. Croatian side expressed their hope that China would increase the investment in infrastructure construction and other fields of Zadar. Zadar highly values the important role that China plays in the world and believes that cooperation with China would bring new impetus to Zadar.


In his speech delivered at the University of Zadar, Ambassador Hu Zhaoming introduced the development of China-Croatia relations in the last 25 years. Ambassador Hu pointed out that to realize ''overtaking at the curve'' of bilateral cooperation, the two countries had to build or make a good use of four bridges, namely the bridge of ''Belt and Road'' that connects Asia and Europe, the bridge of the practical and highly effective local cooperation, the bridge of people to people exchanges and the bridge of minds, or communication of ideas. Ambassador Hu focused on the introduction of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and emphasized that the 19th National Congress marked China had entered a completely new era, which would have important and profound influence for the world's development. The 19th Congress would give new impetus to the world's economic growth, make new contribution to the world's peace and stability, build new platforms for promoting international cooperation and contribute new ideas to the world's governance. Ambassador Hu Zhaoming welcomed young friends to actively participate in and promote China-Croatia cooperation and contribute with their own strength to China-Croatia relations, which are standing on the new starting point. (The full text of the speech will be publicized separately.)


When visiting the City of Nin, which was recently hit by flood, Ambassador Hu Zhaoming expressed his cordial sympathies to the people who suffered from the flood disaster and, on behalf of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Croatia, made small amount of donation to the City of Nin. Ambassador Hu expressed the support to Nin for its quick reconstruction after the flood and willingness to cooperate with Nin in the field of flood prevention so as to reduce the flood disaster risk. The Mayor of Nin conveyed gratitude on behalf of its citizens and pointed out such donation reflected the cordial and traditional friendship between the two peoples.

During the visit to Zadar County, Ambassador Hu also visited Zadar Port, Zadar Airport, and Industrial Parks Crno and Poličnik and Šepurina military base.



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